Glen Oaks College is proud of the faculty and staff who serve the student population and the community. The personnel of Glen Oaks College bring a variety of professional, educational, and life experiences that enhance the total growth experience at the campus. The catalog addendum includes a list of the administration, faculty, and staff.

Administrative Staff


Saied H. Jacob, Ph.D.
Chief Administrative Officer

Yousef Bukhari, B.Sc.
Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer

Gabrielle Mercado
Associate Director / Registrar

Teresa Michel
Director of Admissions

Jazmin Mercado
BA, Admissions Officer

Alicia Dumas-Pace
M.S Career Services


Medical Assistant Program

Alicia Dumas-Pace, M.S.
Medical Assistant Program Supervisor/Instructor 

Pharmacy Technician Program

Alicia Dumas-Pace, M.S.,
Pharmacy Technician Program Supervisor/Instructor