Applicants should contact Glen Oaks College

by phone at (951) 683-8300

or via the sign-up form on the right.

to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Representative.

The representative will give a tour of the campus, provide detailed information of the institution’s programs and policies, discuss the applicant’s qualifications, and assist in determining the best way to meet the applicant’s career objectives.

The applicant will also meet with a Financial Services representative to discuss tuition and possible financing arrangements.


Applicants may be admitted provided they are beyond the compulsory age of school attendance (18) or are high school graduates, or have a high school equivalency diploma (GED).


Policy of Non-Discrimination

Glen Oaks College does not deny admission or discriminate against students currently enrolled on the basis of Race, Color, Religion, Sex, Age, Handicap, Financial Status, Area of Origin, Residence, Sexual Orientation, from participation in any of the school’s activities. Glen Oaks College will reasonably accommodate applicants and students with disabilities to the extent required by applicable law. So call the school number now to speak directly with an Admissions Representative, or click here to complete the Information Request Form.

Act Now Complete the Information Request form and submit it to us or call us now so that we can help you take the next step toward a rewarding career path.