Placement Assistance

Glen Oaks College provides students assistance in obtaining a position in which they were trained. To accomplish this most important goal, Glen Oaks College offers preparation information and activities that are designed to enhance a student’s chances of being appropriately placed.

Even prior to the time when students graduate from Glen Oaks, they receive information that helps them with employment information, including job leads of prospective employers.  The staff at Glen Oaks contacts employers regarding vacancies.  In addition, employers are invited to Glen Oaks to speak to students and prospective graduates.

Job placement workshops are offered periodically to assist students who are about to graduate with resume writing, dressing appropriately, and mock interviews. The process starts while the students are in their “clinicals” and externships. This provides graduates with a smooth transition into the workforce.

Career Services

Glen Oaks College provides direct assistance as students near their completion date and beyond graduation. Glen Oaks College cannot and does not guarantee employment upon successful completion. However, the College placement staff will make every effort to place all graduates.

Upon graduation from Glen Oaks College, the following programs are available to assist graduates in placement:

Job Lead Exchange

GOC Staff will share all job leads. Sharing job leads means that all students will have access to lead information.

  1. The Staff will develop leads per student by networking with healthcare or business companies in the immediate area.
  2. Seek assistance from instructors for job leads and informal best job fit assessments.
  3. Jobs leads will be posted on the College’s information board for students to access or students will be able to view job leads in binder at Student Services.

Preparing for the Interview

Students will be assisted in preparation for an interview.

  1. One month prior to graduation, the Staff gives each student formal instructions in preparing the student for his/her job search.
  2. The instruction is given by the Staff to include, but is not limited to:
  • Preparation for the interview.
  • Sources of job leads.
  • Proper dress.
  • Interviewing techniques.
  • Post-Interview procedures.
  • Resume preparation.
  • Time management.
  • Motivational training.
  • Starting pay guidance
  • Resume design and layout


Staff documents job interview results by tracking the student’s contact, resume, and date of company visit, contact persons, and interview data. The results of the interview are also recorded in the individual student record file.

When a graduate is successfully placed, a Graduate’s Placement Record form is completed and filed.


Guidance Services

The staff of Glen Oaks College makes every effort to maintain close communication with the students. Students have access to faculty and administrative staff for financial assistance, vocational and academic advising. Students experiencing personal problems, which require professional counseling, and is requested by the student, will be referred to the appropriate agencies.